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All "SCORES ON SCREEN" are priced affordably. But you, the on-line purchaser, will save even
more. When you purchase directly over the Internet, your price will reflect AT LEAST a 33%
discount over the retail price!.

Prior to Ritornello's "SCORES ON SCREEN" series, you would have paid between $20 to $100 for
a single 300 page opera score (piano/vocal). At Ritornello, we don't even bother with
publications of 300 pages... what we do is "double-up" and give you a "Two-For", and then still
save you money. Example: two operas on one disc - $14.99 less 33%... Your price is only

Remember, the digitizations contained on this disc are copyright Ritornello LLC, however, you
may print out as many pages (hard copies) as you would like, and may make as many
photocopies of those pages as you can use!

There is simply not a more cost effective method of score acquisition available today!

Feel feel to browse through our shopping cart at your leisure. Many fine selections of
musical scores are available.

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